Luke Cage, you’ve lost me

“Let’s watch Luke Cage,” Isambard said to me when it came out. So we did, a few episodes, and there was this sort of uncomfortable pause. Did we watch another one? No, we did not. We kept saying we would and time kept passing.

Then last night, while looking for something to watch, Isambard suggested it again. For some reason it seems we stopped with 10 minutes left of an episode so we watched that and then the next episode. That uncomfortable pause came back. “Do you want to watch another one?” I suggested unenthusiastically.

No, we watched Fawlty Towers instead.

Maybe, just maybe, Luke Cage gets better. But if it does, I don’t think I’m ever going to find out. That last episode plodded. It felt interminable. Could we please just get to the point? Is anything going to happen? Our indestructible hero is boring. He wanders around and talks to people. He makes a stirring speech which is not very stirring.

The villain doesn’t command a sense of menace the way that the Kingpin did (and I had problems with the Kingpin in Daredevil, but that’s another discussion). I mean, he doesn’t want to lose his club and he’s mixed up in shady stuff, but other than that what is he doing? What could he do? The show in five episodes hasn’t given any indication of him having a plan or a purpose and if he keeps up the way he’s been he isn’t even going to have any henchmen left because you can’t just keep killing them for stupid reasons like that.

Daredevil has its flaws but by golly it hooks you from episode one. Luke Cage hasn’t got what it takes.


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