Daredevil: the parts that suck

There’s plenty out there talking about how great Netflix’s Daredevil is so let’s talk about how great it’s not. I really like the show, but it has more than a few flaws.

1) The Kingpin
He is too much of a weird combination of weak and whiny and super smart and brutal. And the show can’t quite decide which one he is. Did he kill the Russian in a fit of rage or was it actually all part of his brilliant plan? If the latter, it undermines the character building moment of the former. Also then the plan doesn’t make that much sense. Did he know the Russian was going to show up at some point so then he’d have an excuse to kill him in order to rile up the Russians so he could have an excuse to kill them?

2) But it’s my home!
No, you dope, it’s an apartment. You don’t own it. It’s certainly not worth dying for or even making half as much fuss as they did. I simply can’t have a lot of sympathy for the Elena storyline because it’s stupid. It makes sense to fight to get tenants better treatment but not to the point which they take it. If they’d made it her little house which bad people were trying to make her sell, that would be different. As it was, fight for a nice settlement from the evil landlord for breaking the lease or whatever and move the lady somewhere else.

3) Determinism
This is a problem inherent in comic book adaptations. As well done as Karen’s interactions with the Punisher are, we know that ultimately the Punisher is just going to kill people no matter what happens. That’s what his character is. That’s not going to change. The conclusion is foregone and thus there is no real suspense. Is Karen going to talk him out of it? No, she can’t. It’s not possible.

4) They’re tearing my city apart!
They’re tearing your city apart so badly that you didn’t in even notice that they were doing anything. We’re clearly given the idea that the ninjas who turn out not to be Yakuza are Up to No Good. The problem is we don’t know what kind of No Good. Daredevil becomes obsessed with stopping them without knowing what he is stopping. They’re ninjas so they must be bad.

5) YaKOOOza
That’s not how you pronounce it.

6) Season 2 should have been two seasons or longer
It starts out strong but falters because smashing Elektra into it dilutes the Punisher’s story. There isn’t a good balance between the two storylines. Of course if I had my way there would be no Elektra at all because I HATE HER.

7) Black Sky is a very bad… something?
Similar to point 4, we have no idea what Black Sky is. It’s just bad. How is it bad? What does it do? Why should we care? I don’t know. It robs people freaking out of it of any impact because their freak outs make no sense. You got to give us some hint of why this is worth being upset about. And explaining it in the next season isn’t going to count because I need to know why it’s worth being upset about in this season.

8) Elektra is a nasty awful person and Matt is an idiot to have anything to do with her
Self explanatory.

9) The problem of Daredevil’s powers
This goes back to the comic book. What’s the point of making your hero blind if he isn’t actually blind? They use the “heightened senses” to be “oh, actually, he can just see but weird”. Daredevil’s blindness could be a very cool weakness but instead there’s nothing weakening about it at all. He suffers no bad side effects and while the show touches on potential problems when Matt gets bonked on the head, this is promptly forgotten.


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