Batman’s Secret Origins

He created Batman, Robin and Bruce Wayne – but was treated like the Joker. Documentary reveals how superhero’s true co-creator was kept secret until years after his death

He dreamed up Batman – and got treated like The Joker.

Bill Finger co-created the superhero in 1939 and founded an empire worth billions of dollars today.

The cartoonist gave Batman the nickname The Dark Knight and invented the story of his parents being killed in front of him as a boy.

Yet for 75 years all the credit went to Bob Kane, Finger’s friend who asked him to help on creating a rival to Superman.

According to a new Hulu documentary, being released on May 6, it wasn’t until author Marc Tyler Nobleman spent 10 years investigating and tracked down finger’s granddaughter that DC Entertainment finally gave him credit on the movie Batman vs Superman.

Incredibly Finger did not just create Batman, he came up with his alter ego Bruce Wayne, named Gotham City and was the first person to write a story with the Batmobile and Batcave called those things.

There’s just one little problem with this… (If you’re not familiar with Razorfist, then language warning.)

Sure it’s not fair that only one guy got to profit off of plagiarism.



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