Dog in the manger

Sarah Hoyt has an explanation of what happened to Sad Puppies and it is not a good one:

So, originally, we’d planned to do nothing, and let Sad Puppies ride into the sunset with Kate’s campaign, which did everything the left claimed to want and yet was still subjected to the same complaints as ever.

But the problem with a decentralized, almost leaderless campaign is that it’s prone to be high jacked, and we realized late last year that if someone didn’t announce then someone who was wholly (really) in the rabid camp was going to take it, and make it sound like the campaigns were always one.

Oh, I know. With Sad Puppies completely silent, the Puppy Kickers have been enthusiastically blaming us for the Rabid decisions. Pfui. They’re like a back law firm: Obfuscate, Lie and Project.

But there was no point lending color to this by having a self-proclaimed Sad Puppy leader who’d always been on the periphery, who’s barely competent to carry his own hat in a high wind, and who thinks the whole point is to back the Rabid selections. Yeah. No. So I announced.

By the time I announced, I knew we’d be “late” for the Hugos. Which was fine with me. VERY fine.

Saying that you are going to do something while intending not to do something just to keep someone else from doing the thing is disingenuous to say the least. Saying that she wasn’t going to ask people to throw “good money after bad” is one thing but she didn’t actually come out and say that until now because she’s too concerned about controlling what the Puppies are. Hoyt and co. have set themselves up as arbiters of who is good enough to be a Sad Puppy and are sitting on “Sad Puppies” as if it is a property that belongs to them. And they don’t want any of that nasty, rabid cooties on it.

Our intention was always to just create a page, in which those who register can post reading recommendations, not just of recent years, but of anything that struck their fancy. There will be a place where you can say when the book was published and if it’s eligible for an award — and not just a science fiction award — and a link to the award page for people to follow, if so minded. Yeah, we’ll include the Hugo, but probably with a note saying the award is in the process of self-destructing.
When we said this before and pointed out that PARTICULARLY indie books need some place to mention them, we were linked to/lectured by someone one the rabid side, because apparently they already have a site, so we don’t need one of our own.

Tips hat to the right. Thank you kindly. But you guys are aware your aesthetics and goals aren’t ours, right?

You just turned Marxist aesthetics on their head, and are judging books by being anti-Marxist and how much they don’t support the neo Marxist idea of justice. That’s cool and all. To each his own. And since, so far, your crazy isn’t being taught in schools, it’s slightly less annoying than the Marxist crazy.

Those bad Rabids! Just as bad as Marxists! Gimme a break.

The idea of a Sad Puppies recommendation site is all very well and good but maybe whoever is creating such a thing should be someone who actually has the time to do it. This is not to say that Hoyt and the other Mad Geniuses are not the people to do but as someone who has made and heard a thousand excuses like the ones she is making, let me tell you, if you’re too busy–or too sick–to do it, man up and admit it. Don’t keep stringing people along promising something “later” or “soon” when you haven’t got time or inclination to put the effort to make it what it deserves to be. The result is likely to be half-assed otherwise–provided it ever gets finished. Maybe she should find someone with the right ideological purity level to pass it on to.

I seem to have lost the pulse of some of this stuff though because I’m pretty much unaware of anything the Rabids are doing. Unless she’s talking about the Rabids who have moved on to other things.

The Hugos are done and the groups centered around them are done too. Other things are being built that are far, far more interesting than left over dredges from a corrupt award. Why does she even want to use the Sad Puppies moniker except as a way to cash in on name recognition? What would be wrong with a Mad Genius indie book recommendation site? (They are going to use it for self promotion regardless, aren’t they?)

Honestly, the Sad Puppies should have been allowed to die a quiet, dignified death. Hoyt probably would have been better off letting it slide off forgotten while she was lying in that manger. No explanations. Just never mention it again. Instead she’s stirring up bad feelings all around.


2 thoughts on “Dog in the manger

  1. The problem that I see is that it was dying a dignified death until someone started using the name. Then the original Sad Puppies had to make it clear that they were not associated with the other person using the Sad Puppies name.


  2. The problem is there are no “original” Sad Puppies. That would be Larry Correia and he’s been done with it for a long time. Sarah Hoyt didn’t create it. Anybody who wanted to be a puppy could be. Heck, even I was a puppy one year (which is pretty weird for me to join anything).

    I suspect that even if this other person had run around proclaiming himself head puppy nothing would have happened. I had lost interest and the movement seemed to have lost steam. There’s much better ways to be spending one’s time. (PulpRev and Appendix N stuff is way more interesting.) Maybe I’m wrong and he could have totally revitalized it and led a hugely successful campaign. Who knows?

    I do think there was probably a better way for her to accomplish that, however, without being snotty and taking a kick at the Rabids who weren’t even really doing anything.


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