Agricultural Avarice

I bought Stardew Valley as my friend Chadwick recommended it as a good game to play while listening to audiobooks. I am ashamed to say that I’ve gone and played it for two weeks without doing anything of sort.

Stardew Valley is both very fun and rather annoying, both addictive and repetitive. There’s not exactly much in the way of plot. I mean, you plant stuff and you fish and whack on rocks. It’s really all about money. Gotta mine ore so you can build things like kegs so you can make wine so you can make more money. Gotta fish so you can make more quality fertilizer to make more money on crops.

You can work on relationships with the townsfolk but I am way too antisocial to get into the friendship side of the game. Whaddya mean I’ve got to talk to you every day? Gifts? Are you crazy? Invite me to dinner and demand I bring my own food? They’re all just a bunch of friends of utility. Obviously it works for some people. Chadwick loves that kind of thing. The character he showed me was married and divorced twice and had three girlfriends on the side at the same time.

Occasional quests from characters are nice but since all the ones on the bulletin board are time dependent I find most of those impossible to do. Not that they are particularly hard but that once I’ve completed the task, I can’t find the person who wanted it. The easiest way to handle that is to become a compulsive hoarder. Have a couple of each item stashed away, then you’ve got two days to track down the person who wants it. (Or of course you can go to the wiki and figure out where they are on any given day.) Even that doesn’t always work, however, if somebody, say Clint, wants his ore fresh. The jerk.

The Community Center offers a nice non-time dependant set of quests but these are actually easier to complete than I initially thought. Once you get a hang of various skills and pay attention to what needs to be planted to get certain things, then it’s fairly easy to accumulate necessary items. But this is also one of those things where the wiki comes in very helpful. How the heck am I supposed to figure out that eels only come out on rainy days in Spring and Fall after 4pm? Oh, well, you’re supposed to just fish constantly and figure it out. I have not got the patience for that.

It definitely takes less brain power than HMM3.  When I finally decide to use my brain again, this game is going to be very good for audiobooks.


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