“Morally Equivalent”

“Stop giving money to people who hate you.”

Brian Niemeier has taken this to an extreme:

From now on, I will regard anyone buying a Marvel or DC comic or a ticket to a Disney movie as morally equivalent to an American who gave aid and comfort to known Communist spies during the Cold War. SJWs want me banished from society and killed. If you buy their products, you advance their goal.

Is Brian going to treat the people who buy his books on Amazon like Communist sympathizers too?  Because this is what I saw on Amazon last night:

engineer transgender leader

Just because Amazon isn’t as converged as Disney doesn’t mean that they’re not going to go down a similar path in the near future and screw over all of us.  Clearly they’re already working on their part to destroy western civilization.  But I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for all the right-leaning indie authors to pull their books off Amazon.  That’s where the money is.

How do you stop giving money to people who hate you when everybody hates you?


A clarification of what I meant here: That’s a nice strawman you have there. Shame if it caught on fire.

And Brian Niemeier is a hypocrite.


4 thoughts on ““Morally Equivalent”

  1. I’ve come close to saying something cruel to Brian on Twitter and stopped reading his blog long ago. I do hope he’s continuing to sell his books, but he’s made them toxic for me. I own at least his first three, but am losing any interest in reading them.

    On Marvel and DC, and as a guy who recently picked back up the comic book reading habit, I think it’s foolish to ignore cultural artifacts with almost a century of history. I’m skeptical one can build or create a real alternative to the world and characters of that company. Further, I’d prefer one attempt to restore these artifacts and the historical values they embodied rather than continue to call for everything to be burned down.

    Most of us are in a stage of countering hate with hate – of trying to demean the opposition and considering having a larger and harsher voice (with lots of loling comrades) to be a sign of victory. Anger is called for, yes, but I’m not so sure it’s healthy or useful for it to come out as so much hatred. I would guess the better path is to let that anger drive you to create something positive, something which is about reaffirming eternal truths and eternal goods rather than overemphasizing the wickedness of others.

    I’m reminded of Benson’s Lord of the World. He’s clearly writing something contra the modern world, but the strongest parts of that tale are the positive portrayals of the beautiful things once rejected – Father Percy’s trip to an idyllic Rome, his commitment to Christ. Lewis’ Space Trilogy is most striking when he’s exploring the wonder of an imagined unfallen world – the horror of Dr. Weston and the Devil is only terrifying and worth fighting because we affirm such beautiful truths.

    Damian and Jerome may be Saints, but their personalities are rarely influential upon others. Constant barrages, constant lambasting, do not feed and nourish.


  2. From my experience on the internet, the people countering the hate with hate are the only people successfully countering anything. While I would love if we could all argue rationally and if we could do what we (I at least) keep being told about just loving the other person so they’ll learn by example, this is not how the world works anymore (if ever). St. Augustine got it right: some people only learn by fear. There’s no reasoning with SJWs. Now the hard part is being mean to these people in the “spirit of love” rather than the “spirit of wrath.” And I will be the first to admit I have no idea how to do that.

    Here, however, Brian is doing something he should know better than to do: attacking the moderates. Well, not even moderates. I wouldn’t call myself one. But by Brian’s estimation I’m a communist sympathizer. I went to see Incredibles 2. I don’t care what he thinks about me but this is a stupid tack to take. So people not ideologically pure enough needs to GTFO? Now why would anyone waste their time with someone like that?

    I had linked to a couple of his posts on the other blog because they were relevant to an ongoing discussion and because I was interested in Verity’s take on them. I wouldn’t stop linking him because of this… but I’m probably going to think twice about it. I have a very limited amount of free time. There’s other blogs to read.

    If DC and Marvel can be saved, that would be a great thing. But nothing lasts forever. All too frequently things that were once great wither away or self immolate. I hate it but history is my purview. It was going to happen eventually even if the SJWs didn’t speed it along.

    There does seem to be a decided pridefulness in some of the people currently creating. As if they’re really going to make the next big cultural thing. Like how Brian has “Inventor of Niemeierian fiction” on his Twitter. Maybe that’s tongue in cheek or maybe that’s getting a bit of a swelled head. Most of us, regardless of what we do and accomplish in our attempts to shore up western civilization, will be forgotten after we die if not within our lifetimes. It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try or contribute but the sort of work most people do is going to be like bits of a mosaic. Not the people who make it into the history books.


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  4. Oh, I completely agree about rational discourse not being an option – that’s not something I argue for anymore beyond the upper echelons of academia talking amongst themselves.

    And really, I think the spirit of love vs spirit of hate distinction is less about how we treat others, and more what we allow to fuel our actions. Is it fueled by what we love, or by what we hate (bashing the enemy), or by fear of the enemy (which is what every defender of overly sexual media – see the recent brouhaha over “muh boobs” in the new DOA – is at best animated by; at worst, their just perverts, but whatev).

    I guess I’m somewhat influence by a lot of the recent comic book character resurgences – read the best work of Geoff Johns and you see a man who lets his love of these character animate his work. Or in recent sci-fi/fantasy, when Larry Correia is at his best, it’s cause he loves his characters and the whole genre of action-heroics. When things get libertarian, it quickly goes belly up (his best work, IMHO, Monster Hunter Alpha, has none of his libertarian klap-trap; his fantasy series, Son of the Black Sword, is gunked by his antinomianism; his Grimnoir is awesome until it must be anti-government).

    This hatred in fiction (and by extension how we act) is a species of message-fiction (I know, let it go). Guys like Niemier, really just channeling Vox and guys like him, animated not by a love of the thing, but by hatred (whether real wrathful or fearful) of the opposition. Such things will inevitably lead to attacking the moderates. These guys are no longer looking to inspire others, to build the good and beautiful, but only burn down others.

    Maybe we need such people in moderation. I’m skeptical, but maybe. But in the numbers I’m seeing them now. They’re going to burn their own house down just for the chance of making the enemy uncomfortable.


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