I said Brian Niemeier’s reaction was amazing and I thought he’d double down on it, but MAN did he double down.

There’s two major misconceptions fueling Brian’s hysterical freak out:

  1. That I am the sort of person who is having difficulty cutting out SJW poz entertainment from my life
  2. That my saying I won’t hold my breath waiting for right-leaning authors to leave Amazon that I’m attacking them for being hypocrites

I’ll get the second one out of the way first: authors, I DON’T FUCKING CARE WHAT YOU DO.  Okay?  Is that clear?  But if you’re the sort of person who would get upset about this, then maybe you need to step back and reevaluate your own emotional state that you could get so upset by something so minor.

As for the first point, this assumption is clear even in all subsequent interactions with him.  He tries to give me advice on how to cut the cord so to speak, to wean myself off of modern entertainment.  Jon Mollison does too but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt for having come to my post via Brian and his snide comments.

The assumption colors all further discussion.  We’re not even on the same plain.  What am I supposed to do about it?  Give a catalog of my favorite movies?  Swear up and down that I like black and white better than color, I haven’t bought a comic book from DC in my life, that I’m an aspiring recluse like it says on the About page so maybe I don’t go to the movies very often?

On Google+, he decides to take a semi-rhetorical question very seriously while working on his triple-axle double down.

Listen, chief, I’m trying to resolve this situation. It’s not easy when you keep batting away my olive branches.

You didn’t think I’d read your post? Too bad. I did. You say I misunderstood it? The way that I, and almost everyone else who read it, interpreted what you wrote was that you were attacking me and other right-leaning authors for hypocrisy. So far you haven’t done much to disabuse me of that notion.

There are a million other things I could be doing besides talking to a brick wall on G+. Instead I’m here asking what you meant so I can find out if I made a mistake, and if so, to make it right. This is your chance to convince me I got it wrong. You don’t want it? Your call.

Brian likes to brag on his blog how good he is at rhetoric.  He likes to post screenshotted Twitter conversations in which he totally pwns that loser SJW.  Yet this man who claims to be so good at it takes a “what? why are you acting angry?” attitude of bafflement.  He’s offered me an olive branch!  He’s asked for clarification!

I mean, he demanded that I answer a question after I asked what it had to do with anything and he gave me his email address so that this could go private.   Make a mess in public, clean it up in public.

But Brian’s a pussy.  He’d have to admit that he got something wrong.  He’d have to be emotionally stable enough to realize that making this big a deal over two sentences is laughable.

You’ll notice also the “everybody agrees with me!”  How odd!  All my friends read it, then read Brian’s post and said “what is he talking about? that’s not what you said.”  And what does that mean?  NOTHING.  It wouldn’t matter if the entire internet agreed with him. He’s still wrong.

Here’s a free tip: The victim act won’t help you get what you want from me. Being on the level will.

And drop the gaslighting. Everything we’ve written is online for everyone to see. I know what I wrote, and I know what you wrote. I also know what it looks like to independent observers. To them it looks like you sniped at me under cover of relative obscurity, got caught, got called out on it, and went on a two-day teen girl hissy fit, projecting like IMAX while I made repeated requests for you to clarify.

Note that I said looks like. That may not be what you intended at all. But those are the optics. I’m open to the possibility that I fucked up, but you’re not giving me any evidence to the contrary.

Let’s clear the air. You wrote a post where you correctly quoted me saying I morally equate paying for Disney movies to aiding commie spies during the Cold War. You followed it up by asking if I’d treat people who buy my books on Amazon the same way because you saw an ad with a pride pin. Then you accused Amazon of wanting to destroy Western civilization and said you weren’t going to hold your breath waiting for right-leaning authors to pull their books off Amazon.

If you don’t see how that statement could be interpreted as an attack, you don’t know how English works.

The dictionary definition of “to hold one’s breath”:
2. To wait for something specific to happen. In this usage, the phrase is usually negative. “The electrician said he’d be here before noon, but I won’t hold my breath.” She wrote a letter of complaint to the airline asking for a refund, but she isn’t holding her breath.

Which means you said: “Right-leaning authors should pull their books from Amazon, but I know they won’t because they’re chasing shekels.”

Now, it’s possible that’s not what you meant. But that’s the meaning of the words you wrote. I gave you two chances to clarify that statement on your blog. You refused twice and told me to GTFO. I don’t stay where I’m not wanted, so I GTFO’d,

You claim I called you a paypig. Only if you refuse me the benefit of the doubt you’re demanding for yourself. To give you the clarification you deny me, I didn’t intend to call you a paypig. I choose my words carefully, and I mean what I say.

I did imply you’re an addict. In the same context I also called myself your friend. Which you can tell I still consider myself because I am still here talking to you. However, offense was clearly taken if not intended, so I’m sorry. I was wrong. I acknowledge and affirm you are not an addict.

FYI: All of my blog posts are cross-posted to Facebook, G+, and Twitter. I didn’t know the post in question had been posted to Superversive SF. Someone over there must have taken it upon himself to do it.

I am, however, the guy with editorial authority over the post and my social media accounts, so if you want some form of relief, I’m how you get it. I’ve made multiple good-faith efforts to open a dialogue to that effect, viz.
-Adding a link to your OP on my blog when you complained it was missing.
-Giving you my email address so we could sort this out privately instead of in public, which you refused, leading to me…
-Twice asking for clarification in your blog’s combox.
-Asking you for clarification here.

If you don’t see those olive branches, it’s probably because they’re growing from the chip on your shoulder. I’m about to say fuck this and stop wasting my time trying to help you. I couldn’t care less what high school insults you throw at me. What tries my patience is your constant deflecting and dissembling.

Get this straight: I don’t owe you jack. Yeah, my blog and social media presence is bigger than yours. You should’ve thought of that before posting your smarmy little jab. Then you have the balls to deny you attacked me while also denying I have a right to defend myself because Streisand Effect. Not how the internet works.

Grow up, talk to me like an adult male instead of a cat lady with PMS, and we’ll deal. Otherwise we’re done here.

You see, Brian is the reasonable one here, that’s why he’s calling me a cat lady with PMS.  It’s almost like the dude doesn’t even understand his own rhetoric.  Why are you unhappy that I’m ignoring every substantive thing you say and are mad that you’re being attacked, you fucking faggot?  People respond really well to reasonable and accommodating dialog like that.

Reread the second to last paragraph.  In other words, when the other person is bigger and more influential than you are, you need to roll over and play dead or else they’re totally justified in stomping you to death.  He got it wrong but onus is on me to abase myself and grovel in order to escape the two minute hate.

I already explained what I meant by that post.  I already told him multiple times that I didn’t say that, I didn’t mean that.  Brian instead doubles down.  Admitting that you got something wrong hurts really bad when you’re insecure.

But the real irony comes from his “advice” on weaning yourself off of SJW poz:

The final step is a judgment call that’s up to you to make. If the purveyors of certain IPs want you and your children dead and think it’s funny, continuing to pay them constitutes proximate material cooperation with your own disenfranchisement and debasement.

Like you said, this attitude is pretty much ubiquitous in the legacy media world. Quitting them all cold turkey is difficult if not practically impossible. My readers have mentioned coming up with a few different ways of approaching the problem that they’ve tailored to their own unique circumstances. Some weed out SJW-infested brands slowly. Some just plunge right in. Whatever works.

Whatever works.  So he’s not going to treat people like communist sympathizers for seeing Solo because they aren’t ready to quit cold turkey?  The complete opposite of what he said previously.  He actually is a hypocrite?

Figuring out what it was that triggered him so badly is enlightening.  When someone freaks because he thinks you’re implying he’s a hypocrite, then he is a hypocrite and he knows it.


11 thoughts on “Hypocrite

  1. The ridiculous thing is that Brian appears to be acting just like the insane SJWs he supposedly takes down on the internet. He also doesn’t know a damn thing about communicating with another person in anything other than attack mode. There are exactly ZERO olive branches here. He is not acting in good faith. He’s being an asshole and freaking the hell out (for God only knows what real reason). You do not try to put out a dumpster fire by pouring gasoline on it.
    He’s arrogant beyond belief: everyone agrees with me? Yeah, everyone in your little bubble you idiot. Another thing which he sort of pretends to acknowledge but not really is that it doesn’t matter how YOU interpret what someone else says/writes, if they later say, ‘nope, not what I meant.’ The argument is essentially DEAD. Continuing it is to just keep beating that straw-horse because you just really want to; you are are NOT arguing against what the other person actually said or stands for. And as Nixon said, it doesn’t matter if everyone actually does agree with you (but get real that’s never true), the person who did the writing knows what they were thinking at the time (and since) and you don’t.
    This might just be the problem with abandoning all reasonable discourse (which may be necessary for dealing with SJWs): you forget how to think reasonably. Maybe that’s Brian’s problem (aside from his hypocrisy and insecurity) that he spends so much time attacking SJWs that he treats everyone who disagrees with him just like he treats an enemy SJW (even people he should consider allies). He is acting exactly like an SJW. Probably the best thing to do with Brian now is just to tell him to fuck off and ignore him. He can have his hissy fit alone. (oh, and boy is he projecting like a champ!) Nixon, he’s not worth your time.

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  2. “…he spends so much time attacking SJWs that he treats everyone who disagrees with him just like he treats an enemy SJW (even people he should consider allies). He is acting exactly like an SJW.” The perfect description of almost every public personage defined as anti-SJW.

    I’d definitely just ignore Brian. This is not worth your time. And there’s always the possibility of being dragged into the shit hole they often wallow in.

    I’ll admit, I tend toward the non-confrontational on Social Media, but doing so has done wonders for my state of mind. Though, we’ll see what happens if I ever step on the wrong toes and unintentionally trigger someone.

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  3. I have been seeing this building in the Superversive movement for a while now. It’s not everyone who considers themselves Superversive, but much of the movement has taken on this “everyone not with us is against us” attitude. I took your initial post to be a legitimate criticism of that attitude by bringing up the point that it’s not possible to boycott every company that in some way supports the SJW position by pointing out Amazon as an obvious example. And I thought that Niemeier’s reaction was completely overboard.

    A clique is a clique. I don’t see any difference between Gay activists telling everyone not to eat at Chik-Fil-A and Superversives telling everyone not to shop at Disney. The rhetoric is different but there is the same message– “We know better than you where to spend your money.”

    I’m the ultimate outsider. If a group exists that has an inside and an outside then I will be on the outside. There’s more elbow room out here.

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  5. There’s a few more things that need to be said, but as for talking to Brian directly… no. He’ll just thrash around some more and spew nonsense. I’ve got everything out of him that I needed to understand where the freak out is coming from.

    But, man, I hate bullies. Brian should be glad I don’t have time for a new hobby because his application is pretty convincing.

    What Verity says about seeing SJWs everywhere actually ties back to something I was going to say to Tomas on the comments of the original post. I used to follow Larry Correia on social media. I stopped because the way he treated anyone he deemed a troll was appalling. He’d start bragging about bashing some uber-troll but usually when I went to look at the conversation it would be some retard asking stupid questions over and over. Not exactly some super troll. This culture warrior business has anti-SJWs primed and ready to go off at nothing.

    Then you add on top of that the “if you’re not with us, you’re against us” nonsense that Misha mentions. I don’t join in with boycotts because 90% of the time I wasn’t buying the stuff in first place and I don’t like being told what to do. They can all pat themselves on the back because they’re fighting the war! but the ghetto is such that everybody who tried to answer “how do you stop giving money to people who hate you when everybody hates does?” with stuff about entertainment. I was thinking about Microsoft and Intel, JC Penny’s and Levi’s, all the restaurants and food manufacturers and every other company out there promoting SJW causes. Entertainment’s important and all that but I need clothes and food more than I need a new movie to watch. They really have insulated themselves so much they aren’t even looking at the rest of the world anymore.

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  6. Misha, it IS exactly the same. That’s actually the point.

    Gay marriage activists not buying Chick-fil-A are being quite logically consistent. Chick-fil-A really is openly against gay marriage, and if you buy Chick-fil-A you really are contributing to what you see as a problem. So if you believe same-sex marriage is a moral imperative you shouldn’t buy Chick-fil-A.

    The issue is not and never was logical consistency, it’s that that’s evil. But give them credit for sticking to principles.

    And now, so should we.

    Here is my take from an outside perspective. I’m not Brian’s friend, or enemy, or anything. I think he would be my ally if it came to that, but truthfully I never asked him personally, so maybe I’m wrong.

    Brian is correct in broad strokes. As he correctly pointed out there is a huge difference between paying to see a freaking movie while in theaters and using the only real available platform to sell books and make a living. Especially when, unlike Disney, Amazon is not fully converged. Your comparison does not work.

    Now, his commie sympathizer rhetoric is a bit eye-rolling because as you point out it simply isn’t true that he treats people that way whatever he says. But he is right that, *to the extent it is possible*, we have a moral imperative to stop actively funding evil organizations. Your response does not work to address that.


  7. And the comments here just show where the point is missed.

    It is easy, trivial, to not pay for certain entertainment. Obviously avoiding clothes and food is not so simple. Disney movies are not clothes and food.


  8. Now, WITH THAT SAID, before I am jumped on –

    I get that you were really trying to open a line of dialogue. Your first post did not come off as an attack, but then, Brian’s original blog post response was more or less tame as well, just more condescending. He is right initially that you appeared to be doing more than *just* raising questions, but pnce you clarified he should have said “fair enough” and backed off, though at that point both sides were so angry that it was probably too late.

    Basically to me this looks like an unfortunate falling out between two would-be allies. Such is life.


  9. Malcolm, I think you’ll find that I’m very easily placated. All Brian has to do is say “I fucked up” and stop trying to push me around. Now, granted, there’s no possible way anymore that I will ever consider him an ally because he’s proven himself to be utterly untrustworthy.

    It’s also easy, trivial even, for me not to buy Ben & Jerry’s or not to shop as JC Penny’s. I agree with the sentiment of “stop giving money to people who hate you” but neither you, nor Brian, nor anyone else gets to tell me which companies are SO MUCH MORE important to stop funding NOW. Especially when it’s Disney, Marvel, and DC because I had decided even before Last Jedi came out that I was done with Star Wars, I’m sick to death of superhero movies, and I don’t buy comic books. If the rest of you are having trouble weaning yourself off this stuff, then good luck because I’m going back to watching Japanese movies from the ’60s.


  10. Of course I don’t “get” to tell you that, but it’s a discussion we have to have.

    Disney is working on a different level here. Their goal WITH THEIR PRODUCTS is to actively propagandize people. And we’re not just talking their special pride month pants, we’re talking mainstream films. This is an easy and obvious thing to avoid. If you’re not avoiding them, you’re making a mistake.

    Now, you are. Okay. But it’s fair to point out that we shouldn’t be funding an actively hostile propaganda machine.


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