Out of 2018

The take away for 2018–in the realm of blogs anyhow–is that conflict drives traffic. My other blog Antelope Games surpassed it’s 2017 traffic back in March thanks to my kicking a hornets nest in the form of crazed feminists attacking a small Catholic College. Antelope Games ends the year with more than twice the page views despite having less than half the number of posts of the previous year. While there’s other people involved in it, the blog is mostly mine and Verity’s and neither of us were in a good place to be posting very much in the latter half of the year.

Over here at Nixon Now, I got about a third of the page views that AG got, which is better than last year, but visitors were significantly less. That means, actually, that views in generally are much less. The only reason that they’re as high as they are stems from a couple weird spikes in traffic which made no sense–a couple visitors accounting for several hundred views over a week’s time back in September. Then all my top posts are the ones related to the stupid Brian Neimeier spat. So Nixon Now’s views are most likely illegitimate or people that hate me.

Last January I talked about how 2017 was such a weird, mixed bag with something good for ever bad thing that happened. This year? I honestly don’t remember. My brain turns into a sieve when I’m depressed. The first half of the year I was sick. Then July was back problems. Then it’s just depression. Stuff happened but I need someone to remind me.

I wrote practically no fiction (or I don’t remember writing any). Wrote more blog posts than I thought I did but I didn’t write even more. I’ve got twenty-five in various stages of completion which will probably never be finished because I don’t remember what I was going to say. Well, nobody but Verity reads in anyway.

I went into 2018 thinking it would be what it would be. I’m not going to treat 2019 the same way. 2019 is going to be better because I’m going to make it better if only in a small way. Back in 2016, I decided that I was sick of being a flabby little nerd.  While there was very little to be done about little or nerd, I could certainly do something about flabby.  The effort wasn’t exactly organized or well thought out and I didn’t need to lose weight, more like gain muscle.  By the end of the year, I’d accidentally lost five pounds and felt great. Then I got sick and that put an end to it.

It’s going to be significantly more difficult this time but I did it before, I can do it again even if it kills me.  I’m certainly not making anything better by sitting around and doing nothing feeling bad.


2 thoughts on “Out of 2018

  1. Well OBVIOUSLY there’s something wrong with you because literally no one else does. Which is weird because Chadwick will read AG occasionally but not this blog. Better 2019 all around; you need it more than I do.

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