Brand Blackout

Rawle Ryanzi proposes “Brand Zero“:

Recently, friend of the blog Jon Del Arroz mentioned that the common practice of trashing famous media franchises on Youtube and other places online does nothing to change the state of pop culture (archive here.) In fact, it makes things worse because we act as unpaid marketers for big media by doing this. Such conversations give the large brands more clout and reach — and thus more market share. The brands know this, too; they and their employees produce inflammatory content specifically to get complainers talking. The complainers then cooperate, thinking that they’re making a difference when they’re really just making Big Media richer.

Therefore there is only one solution: Cease this madness at once. I call it Brand Zero.

For all the complaints about the major brands, even critics see them as real and legitimate, as opposed to “amateur” brands. There is a sense that these big media brands are the only ones that matter, even when they drop the ball on purpose. We are conditioned to think of big brands as above us just because the owners have a big bank account and could afford nice graphic designers.

Thus, we must take radical action to break this conditioning. From this day forward, I will not mention any major media franchise on this blog, and I will erase such talk if I see it in the comments. Also, I will not like, share, or reply to any social media post that discusses a major media franchise. [Archive]

My initial thought was oh, this is silly.  An excessive turn towards self-censorship to spite “major” franchises, none of whom will notice a thing.  But no, Rawle is on to something.    Nerds need to be encouraged to stop.  They are stuck currently in a downward spiral of obsession.  How it is even possible to make hundreds of videos complaining about every rumor of wokeness in a movie that hadn’t been released?  Even members of groups whose attention would logically be elsewhere tend to go on and on about how the next Star Wars movie is going to be gasp! BAD.  Just stop already.  There’s nothing left to be said on that topic.

Brand Zero isn’t the sort of thing I would participate in* but if it caught on with the right groups of people it would make the internet a far, far better place.

*Let me make this clear: one person’s disinterest in joining a boycott (which is what Brand Zero is) is neither a proclamation that boycotts are bad nor some kind of declaration of throwing in with the other side.  Don’t tell me what to do and don’t give me any kind of if you’re not with us, you’re against us shit.  I have three lousy posts this year about “major” franchises, am probably unlikely to touch on Marvel movies again because there’s nothing more to be said, and if I want to write about Batman then I’m going to write about Batman… which is exactly what I’m about to do.  Then I’m going back to writing about things that no one else is interested in.

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