Becoming the Broken Record

David Stewart had a post recently which caught my eye.  I even started writing something about it, then thought a bit and decided that what I was saying wasn’t significantly different from being a combination of parasocial interaction and old post about remakes and adaptations.  The issue of where the broken record’s audience comes from was what puzzled me; how people become a broken record does not.  And I do not want to be one.

This is not the first time, nor will it be the last, where I started a post and discarded it for lack of originality.  And maybe I should do it more than I have.  I have perhaps a few too many posts mentioning my problems with the “don’t give money to people who hate you” crowd.  Part of the problem is my own natural tendency towards obsessions, but the other side is that it’s easy to get inspired or have a thought triggered or what have you reading other people’s posts.  When those people go on and on about the same thing, that puts it in your mind too.

I only sporadically read the blogs I was reading regular a couple years ago and now only go back to them when bored.  Unfortunately, like real life, the internet is made up of little cliques.  From one blog, you might discover a handful of others, but it may be difficult to discover a new clique from there.  Each group is its own little internet ghetto, usually sharing interests in similar topics and interacting with blogs in the same clique, but more infrequently with those in a different clique.

That’s great if you find a clique obsessed with something interesting, but as I’ve said before I don’t understand how bloggers maintain interest in certain subjects without getting boring or repetitive.  I need to find some new ghettos to peek into.

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